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Executive functioning skills, coupled with seizing power in the workplace, offer Black mothers unique advantages. These skills empower them to efficiently manage tasks, time, and resources, allowing for better work-life balance. Seizing power amplifies their influence, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and serving as role models for future generations. This combination fosters personal growth, professional success, and positive societal change.


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In 2019, I took on the challenge of single parenting to provide a better life for my children, the JSquad. I seek to develop a parenting practice divorced from the culturally embedded legacy of American slavery. If that wasn't enough, I also decided it was time to fully 'out' myself. MetaCocoMom is the record of my journey through parenting, dating, self-care and discovery in a world still hostile to Black women choosing to live the life they desire.

If we aren't parenting from intention, we are parenting from convenience.


Thinking about thinking while being a Black woman in America. A blog

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Mama's Mental

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I never realized how much I wanted graphics featuring Black women until I started making them. I love graphic t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories. I am almost always disappointed when I search for images that look like me or my loved ones. The MetaCocoVerse Shopify online store is t he perfect place for unique graphics that promote Black love and imagination in all its forms.


Engaging in creative play, at every age, benefits the mind, body, and spirit. Build a practice of creation and imagination as a family. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. have each person dramatize a scene from their day after dinner (younger members can draw a picture)

2. Choose an object, like a mirror, and write a silly poem from its perspective before bedtime.

3. Collect paper towel rolls and use paper, markers, tape, and rice to create decorative rain sticks during a thunderstorm.

Happy kid enjoying arts and crafts painting

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