My March 2023 Reading

On Audible

I was skeptical at first. I love turning pages and literally tucking into a great read with comfy pajama pants. That’s really hard to do when you are the single mom of three little ones. Audible has been my bestie during meal prep and cleanup!

Connecting through discipline

My eldest started getting in trouble in school. I didn’t want to dismiss his change in behavior, but I didn’t want to begin a negative attention loop. I searched for a book and this is what I found.

This has been a great tool to help me relearn what discipline can be.

Radical Love

Check out this title at

Building a Roadmap

Being anti-racist is something we should strive for. Companies and organizations at every level are struggling with what anti-racist means for them, and often reach out to consultants to help navigate difficult conversations. Parents and families must also engage in this work. But how? Dr. Braxley provides a concrete guide to help answer that question.

Using tangible questions and completely relatable examples, Dr. Braxley provides an instantly usable foundation for incorporating social justice into 6 parenting situations.

Articles and such

I often come across interesting articles way after their publication date. I just don’t always have the mental energy to deep dive into a topic of interest. Here you will find articles I’ve picked up during internet surfacing (usually for other things) that I have found interesting, thought-provoking, or inspirational.

I have been exploring consistency in my current blog series. I originally approached this concept through my professional lens but as I dug a little deeper I have realized the many imolications in my personal life. This article was what got me thinking along that track. Eric Holtzclaw is clear and concise in this article about consistency.